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Portland, Maine Increasing Scrutiny of Traffic Control Plans for Street Opening Work

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Traffic Control Plans are being increasingly scrutinized by the city of Portland.  As requirements become more strict, Moyer Engineering works with contractors to simplify the process. 

When is it required?  In the city of Portland, a Traffic Control Plan is required for any excavation performed within a public Right-of-Way.

Traffic Control Plan Required Information (per City of Portland)

  • Must clearly depict the planned excavation area.

  • Must clearly show the routing of traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, around the work zone and if a detour is required it must show the entire planned route.

  • Must show all placement of safety signs and traffic cones to be used within the work zone. All traffic control devices should follow the MUTCD Standards of Temporary Traffic Control Devices.

  • All affected ADA crossings need to be maintained or rerouted to appropriate ADA access.

  • Maine MDOT Road Classification Map

  • Variable Message Boards shall be used to notify the public in advance of major construction impacts. They shall be used in areas that are congested or challenging and for all lane closures and should be shown on the TCP.

Need a Traffic Control Plan?  Moyer Engineering has extensive experience developing site specific plans for a variety of construction projects.  Our goal is find the most simple and low cost solution to expedite the permit process.  Contact us.

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